5 Characteristics of an Incompetent Psychic Reader

There are both good and bad psychic readers out there. You should be careful from the fake ones. Here are some of the characteristics of a bad or fake psychic reader…

#1 Not Knowing Their Stuff

When giving readings online, a bad psychic reader will ask for your star sign and date of birth. He or she will then quickly look up newspapers for astrology readings, rephrase it and type it in.

#2 Promising Your Lover

A bad or fake psychic reader will make promises like he or she can bring back you lover with candles and spells.

#3 Family Curses

If the reader tells you that you or any of your family members has a curse which the reader can break, then you know definitely that the psychic reader is fake. This is because things like curses and hexes do not exist.

#4 Lack of Specifics

A bad psychic reader is only able to give a general reading and won’t be able to answer questions that only you know the answers to. They also don’t like you asking them too many questions.

#5 Asking for Bank Details

A bad psychic reader will ask you too personal questions like you bank account number or your social security number or passwords to your email accounts. You shouldn’t give these away to anyone.

A bad psychic will tell you answers that you want to hear. For example, if you want to know whether the girl you love will be with you or not, the psychiatrist will give the answer that you want to hear to make you happy.

A fake psychic reader will try to take lot of cash out of you at every step and will try to sell their products by using fear. For example, if you don’t buy this gem you will have bad luck, etc.

When you visit a psychic reader, always look out for these characteristics. You will be able to tell immediately whether the psychic reader is good or bad.

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