How To Open The Third Eye And Unlock Your Psychic Abilities

There are many people that have latent psychic abilities, ones that they do not realize that they have. Part of the reason is that they have not learned how to open the third eye and unlock psychic abilities. For example, psychic abilities are often triggered by changes in the way that you think, and the chakras that we have are directly related to our psychic abilities to some degree. There is a part of the chakra system, specifically the sixth chakra, which is thought to be related to our Third Eye. It is possible that by unlocking our ability to use this chakra, we could tap into our psychic abilities that are directly related to her mind.

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Why Does This Chakra Matter?

The psychic abilities that a person has within their mind are likely unlocked by this sixth chakra. You have probably seen images of people throughout the centuries that have drawn what appears to be third eyeball in between their eyebrows. This is said to be the location of this chakra which is connected to the psychic abilities that we all have. By using your mind, you should be able to reach out to other people psychically, perhaps even tapping into their lifestream.

What Type Of Psychic Abilities Would Be Released?

Some of the psychic abilities that you would have access to would include clairvoyance, intuition, and perhaps even the ability to see into the future. This is what mediums are able to do to some degree. Not only can they talk to the dead, but they are able to access the lifestream of individuals and look at the many possibilities that are coming their way. If you are able to do this, you will be able to connect with more people than ever before. It is simply a natural power that we all have that remains hidden most of our lives.

If you would like to open your Thrid Eye and begin to access these psychic abilities that you have, you simply need to meditate on opening this chakra. You may want to see somebody that is able to clear chakras, and since this is directly related to your mind, by being more expressive in your writings, and in the way that you think, you should be able to open up this area of your mind which can connect with all others. Psychic abilities are not limited to only those that claim to be psychics. We all have them. The best way to access these particular ones is to find a way to clear that chakra and power up your Third Eye.

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