How to Read the Tarot? Here Are the First Steps…

Learning how to read Tarot cards require both intuition and knowledge. The following steps tell you how to read Tarot cards to give an insight into people’s life.

Get familiar with the Tarot

Different tarot decks use different symbols. The most common ones are the Rider-Waite Tarot and Morgan-Greer Tarot. Popular decks are always available. But new decks are published every year. There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck consisting of 22 major arcane and 56 minor arcane.

You should identify and memorize and be able to give two divinatory meanings to each of these cards. Pictures in the major arcana represent life and the various experiences we go through. Minor arcane describes events, people, feelings, etc. It indicates events that are in control of the individual. Get a good book to help understand the basics of Tarots.

Play around with the cards

Get a reading daily, study the different card combinations and make constellations. Practice pulling out cards that you think is difficult. Look at it and try getting the root of the impression. This way you will develop skill to suggest an alternative card in case a difficult card shows up.

Do some simple reading

Get yourself familiar with the spread. Spread is actually the layout of the cards. Each position of the tarot cards in a spread has a particular meaning. For example, there are spreads that include positions of the past, present and future. Practice first with 3-card spread and slowly move to more cards.


Try out more complex spread

First separate the major and minor arcanas. Then create the spread and write down impressions. Ask questions and think before providing interpretations.

Protect your deck

You should protect your cards from negative energy. Make sure no one touches your cards. You can put it in a wooden Tarot box and add gems to increase your psychic reading ability.

Follow these steps and soon you will become an expert Tarot reader!

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