Our psychic reading services

We provide different services so that the customers have enough options to choose from. We have expert psychic readers for each of these services. The main services that we provide are:

Tarot reading


This reading can give you a snapshot of how things are with you at the moment. It can also answer specific questions like your fears, the outcome of a current situation, how you feel about yourself, etc. The pictures on these cards provide insights to all aspects of our lives.



We offer you weekly horoscopes which allow you to see what future might have for you. Our horoscope service may give you an insight into the week ahead.

Chinese astrology


In Chinese astrology there are 12 signs of animals depending on your day, month and year of birth. With Chinese astrology you can find out what your sign says about you. Apart from character analysis, you will also get predictions for a couple of years covering topics like love, career, relationships, family, etc.

Dream interpretation


The dreams you see are in response to things that are happening in your life. We help you interpret your dream so that you can understand the symbols or signs that you saw in your dreams.



We can instinctively know that there is more to our lives beyond what we perceive with our eyes. This is precisely what development of our sixth sense can lead to! In French, ‘clair’ means clear and ‘voyance’ means vision. Our psychics can give clear vision about your life using their sixth sense.

All our services are genuine and we have been providing accurate readings throughout the years.